Anxiety Management

Despite our best efforts, some people feel anxious about seeking dental treatment. The source of the anxiety depends on the patient. You may have had a bad experience at the dentist in the past, or perhaps just find the whole setting a little stressful.

Fortunately, we have several tools available to ease your anxiety. The most obvious is our chairside manner. All procedures are explained fully prior to commencing, and if you need a break at any time during treatment, all you need to do is ask. Our dentists are extremely gentle and go to great lengths to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible.

We also have nitrous oxide (happy gas) available in our rooms to help make your dental experience more comfortable. Nitrous oxide can be used for children and adults to help ease procedural anxiety and has proven to be extremely effective. One of the great benefits of nitrous oxide is that the effects are short lived. Within 5 minutes of procedure completion, you can drive without any residual effects.

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