Treating orthodontic problems just got a lot easier! Dr Georgia Sheahan is able to provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment, including fixed braces.

Many parents often ask when the ideal age is to begin orthodontic treatment. The answer is different for each individual.

As a general rule, orthodontic intervention is usually commenced once all permanent (adult) teeth have erupted. Occasionally, for specific cases, it may be deemed necessary or desirable to begin orthodontic treatment sooner. This is assessed on a case by case basis.

When is a good time to start Orthodontic treatment?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding timing of orthodontic treatment. Likewise, there is no age limit on orthodontic treatment. When the patient is a growing adolescent, your dentist will usually recommend orthodontic intervention at a certain time. In other cases, eg adult orthodontics, timing is less of an issue.

Do you ever start braces before all the baby teeth are lost?

Again, there is no definitive answer here. In most cases, we would usually wait until all the deciduous teeth have fallen out before placing braces, however, there are certain exceptions to this rule. In some cases, orthodontic treatment not involving braces (eg plate) can be commenced at an earlier age. The specifics of all orthodontic treatment obviously vary greatly between cases and can be discussed with your dentist.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

A standard course of braces costs around $5000 - $6500. Once the dentist has consulted on your individual case, you will be given a fixed price quote. This quote will include all consultations, impressions, photos, X-Rays, reviews, adjustments and retainers. 

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