Meeting with local Kindergartens and Child Care Centres

Getting involved with the local community is very important for us at North Brisbane Dental Clinic. Dr Georgia Sheahan and Dr Kristine Allen have visited some local day care centres and kindergartens over the past few weeks and have had a blast!

It's great to see young children so interested in looking after their teeth and so excited to see a dentist! For mums and dads our there, some tips for healthy teeth for your children are:

1. Brush twice per day (after breakfast and after dinner)

2. Drink lots of water - for health bodies and healthy teeth

3. Try to steer clear of sugar rich foods and drinks such as lollies, chocolate and fruit juice. 

4. Visit the dentist every 6 months for a routine check up and clean.

Many parents ask us how old their child should be before coming in for their first visit, and it's a difficult question to answer. Every child is different. If a dental examination is going to make a 3 year old child upset and anxious, it can usually be delayed until 4 years of age. One thing that definitely helps relieve anxiety is repeated exposure. It's a good idea to bring your littlies in with you when you're having your routine checkup. They don't have to be examined, but can meet the dentist, have a ride in the chair (if they'd like) and see that the environment is a friendly one.


So thank you very much to Lead Childcare (Wooloowin), Community Place Kindergarten, Wagner Road C&K and Lutwyche Windsor Kindergarten for having us. We hope to see you all again next year!